Taleo OFCCP Reporting

Do you struggle to maintain and produce the OFCCP compliance reports and metrics required? Are you worried about an OFCCP audit?
We have the solution.

Let's face it: OFCCP audits are not fun. But we can help.

ReportingDash delivers accurate, on-demand OFCCP compliance reports from your existing Taleo Business Edition: our automated reporting technology eliminates spreadsheets and the stress of manually developing data and EEO-1, Vets 100, applicant flow reports and responding to OFCCP inquiries.

ReportingDash OFCCP Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
All OFCCP compliance reports, data and measures on demand
ReportingDash delivers all required OFCCP compliance reports and metrics at the touch of a button.
Reduce the cost of maintaining OFCCP compliance
Stop swimming in spreadsheets and applicant data trying to respond to an OFCCP audit or inquiry by having everything that you need at your fingertips.
Consistently measure applicant flow
Use our proprietary technology to easily produce EEO-1 reports, Vets 100 and other applicant flow reports.
Respond quickly, accurately, and consistently to OFCCP inquiries
The OFCCP expects three things when it comes to responding to their inquiry: consistency, timeliness and accuracy when it comes to hiring and employment data.
Reports provide transparency around recruiter Taleo compliance
ReportingDash makes it easy to monitor which of your recruiters are keeping TBE up to date with all required OFCCP data.
Ongoing recruiter compliance is an ounce of prevention...
The best way to avoid OFCCP risk is to have accurate and up to date data in your applicant tracking system. ReportingDash helps you ensure recruiters are being Taleo compliant.
OFCCP Audit Monitoring
Monitoring for an audit is a requirement for your Affirmative Action Plan. ReportingDash provides the insight and mission-critical reports to identify risk BEFORE an OFCCP audit.
A no surprises policy is the best policy
The smartest way to avoid costly OFCCP fines and lengthy onsite OFCCP evaluations is to identify potential adverse impact before it turns into a potentially big issue. ReportingDash technology helps you monitor your recruiting operations to avoid adverse impact and potential claims of discrimination.