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Our technology is built by recruiters for recruiters.
It will help you recruit more effectively and efficiently.

Are you struggling with recruiting metrics and reports?
Why is it called an Applicant Tracking System if you can't track anything?

Stop trying to use spreadsheets to run your recruiting operation! Smart recruiting leaders use ReportingDash to deliver comprehensive recruiting metrics, automate Taleo reporting and deliver talent acquisition dashboards — all from their existing ATS.

  • Use data to save time and money by improving recruiting efficiency and effectiveness
  • Accurately measure all facets of your recruiting operations
  • Improve recruiter productivity
  • Reduce job board spending
  • Use credible, on-demand business intelligence to strategically partner with the business
  • Improve & measure quality of hire

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Do you need a CRM but don't want to spend a fortune?

DashCRM is a low cost, easy to use, customized solution that helps you pipeline candidates, manage talent pipelines, and deliver email campaigns — all from within your existing Taleo Business Edition system.

  • Improve recruiter productivity
  • Unlock additional value from your previous sourcing activity by leveraging qualified applicants already in your ATS
  • Reduce search firm fees and reduce cost per hire
  • Improve hiring manager service levels and "time to present candidates"

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