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TBE Recruit New Release

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TBE New Release Webex Details:

  • Thursday, March 19th at 11:30am PST

    Our most experienced consultant will guide you through the three most important enhancements in your Taleo Recruiting System. They will share the value they bring to your TBE applicant tracking system, why you might want to enable them, and guide you through setting them up in your system.

    The following new features will be covered:

  • Advanced TBE Recruit Candidate Workflow
    Save time and manage applicants more effectively. You now have the ability to define the status that is assigned to a candidate based on how the candidate is added to the system.
  • Next Step TBE Action Role Assignment
    Improve compliance. Administrators are able to restrict access to Next Step actions to ensure that only authorized users have the ability to progress a record within the workflow.
  • 2nd Tier Taleo Application Process
    Enable smarter sourcing. Invite "passive" candidates to complete an application form for requisitions to which the candidate is already associated.

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