Free Webinar:
TBE Onboard

Eliminate HR Busy Work & Improve Candidate Experience

Learn how Taleo Business Edition Onboard eliminates HR "busy work." and automates onboarding and other tedious HR paperwork to improve overall new hire & candidate experience.

TBE Onboard Webex Details:

  • Thursday, May 14th at 10:00 am PST

    Our most experienced consultant will show how to eliminate the manual process of onboarding new employees, enabling you and your team to stay focused on more strategic HR matters.

    The following features and benefits will be covered:

  • Eliminate HR Busywork
    No more paper new hire packets! Learn how to automate the new hire process and all of that tedious paperwork. We'll show you how you can use e-signature technology (including dual-signatures for employees and managers) to handle company policy forms, employee handbooks, direct deposit, payroll & tax forms, and any other custom forms required by your organization.
  • Improve Employee Engagement with Customizable Employee Website
    See how leading organizations use TBE Onboarding Cloud Service custom employee website tools to improve the new hire experience, introduce new hires to their unique workplace culture, and streamline the overall onboarding process.
  • Automate Employee Lifecycle Events
    The benefits of TBE Onboard goes well beyond just the initial employee onboarding event. Learn how HR departments use TBE Onboard to continue to manage documents and activities throughout the employee lifecycle. For example, Onboard can be used to ensure the receipt of employee signatures for new or update company policies, such as IT security policies, or code of conduct guidelines.